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Safe Abortion Pills

Abortion Pills is a procedure that uses medication to end a pregnancy. A Medical Abortion doesn’t require surgery or anesthesia and can be started either in a medical office or at home It’s safer and most effective during the first trimester of pregnancy. 

Approved Pregnancy Termination Pills

Medication abortion also called the abortion pill is a safe and effective way to end an early pregnancy. Abortion pill” is the common name for using two different medicines to end a pregnancy.

Mifepristone and misoprostol. We  give you detailed directions about where, when, and how to take the pills. You may also get some antibiotics to prevent infection.

Pregnancy termination Pills

Abortion Pills Procedures

Abortion Pills is an abortion using pills that you swallow, or that are put through the vagina, This type of abortion can be done as soon as a pregnancy begins, and is usually available until week 2 to 12 of pregnancy,

Painless Abortion Pills

  • Medication abortion offers a safe, reliable and non-surgical means of abortion.
  • The abortion pill causes cramping and bleeding that can last several hours or more. You can be at home, or wherever is comfortable for you.  After you take the first pill, We cam let you know how and when to take the second pills. This medicine causes cramping and bleeding to empty your uterus. For most people, the cramping and bleeding usually starts after 1 hour after taking the misoprostol. It’s normal to see large blood clots.

How safe is Abortion Pills

  • Abortion Pills are safe, For around 95 to 98 per cent of pregnancies up to 12 weeks, no further treatment is needed after taking the two doses of abortion medication. 
  • Unlike surgical abortion, medication abortion does not need to take place in a hospital or day surgery unit as it does not require a surgeon, anaesthetist or other medical staff to be present during the later stage of the procedure. 
  • It is a less clinical and non-surgical procedure, which many women prefer.
  • Some women feel it is a more natural process. 
  • It happens in a home environment.

How to take care after the procedure

We advise you on taking care of yourself in the days following the abortion. We provide you with the cleaning pills to reduce the risk of infection during the week after having the procedure, it is recommended that you do not: 

  • insert anything into your vagina, including tampons (do not use tampons until your next period) 
  • have vaginal sex
  • perform any strenuous activity, including sport or heavy physical work, until the bleeding stops
  • go swimming or have a bath (you can shower). 

We give you information about the risks and symptoms of possible complications and what to do if they occur, such as where to obtain assistance at any time. 

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How will you feel emotionally after an abortion?

After having an abortion, most women feel relief, and that they made the decision that was right for them at the time particularly if they had support, and were able to make a free and informed decision.


If the decision was difficult for you, you may feel sadness or have other negative feelings, especially in the short term.


If you feel you need emotional support, speak to us.


Safe termination of pregnancy

You can feel comfortable

Our Medical staff and nurses will help make your abortion as comfortable as possible.


You’ll get pain killers and numbing medications that will make it hurt less and you may get sedation.


You may have a little cramping after your abortion. You’ll probably want to take it easy for a while afterward, but most people are back to normal the next day. 


Breast feeding After you take the Abortion Pills

The medicines in the abortion pill can sometimes pass into breastmilk. But it’s usually in small amounts that shouldn’t affect a baby. You can talk to us if you’re breastfeeding, and we shall help you figure out what’s best for you and your baby.

Why do people choose the abortion pill?

What kind of abortion you choose all depends on your personal preference and situation. With medication abortion, some people like that you don’t need to have a procedure in a doctor’s office. You can have your medication abortion at home or in another comfortable place that you choose. You get to decide who you want to be with during your abortion, or you can go it alone.

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