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Safe Termination of Pregnancy

Abortion Preparation

Our women’s healthcare specialists are compassionate and committed to meeting your needs with great care and discretion. We preform Medical and Surgical procedures at our facility, as well as the other essential procedures and wellness services every woman needs for her Reproductive Health.

Whether or not to tell anyone about your decision to have an abortion is completely up to you. However, if you have a partner, friend, or family member you feel comfortable confiding in, it may help you greatly. There are two types of elective abortion to choose from:

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Medical Abortion Care

The first option, which many qualifying women prefer, is Medical Abortion. When you have a medical abortion, you’re given a series of pills to terminate your pregnancy. 

The first dosage is usually taken in your doctor’s office, while the second can be taken at home. Medical abortion is an early solution designed for women who are within the first 12 weeks of their unwanted pregnancy.

Surgical Abortion

Your second option is Surgical Abortion If you’re too far along in your pregnancy for medical abortion, Our doctor can terminate your pregnancy surgically using one of a few methods. 

The type of surgical method used for your abortion will depend on how far along you are and possibly other contributing health factors. Both medical and surgical abortion are safe and effective.

One Day Abortion Procedures

We  address any questions and concerns about your upcoming procedure with our doctor. We can help you decide the best options for your circumstances and will give you any specific instructions you need to follow in preparation. 

You can ask any question when you visit our clinic like;

  • What are the risks to this abortion procedure? Can it interfere with any of my existing conditions or medications?
  • What will happen during my procedure? What do I need to bring to prepare?  For more information about abortion and the other services we offer, give us a call today. 

Pain free Abortion Procedures

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Making A Decision About Pregnancy Termination

Unplanned pregnancy can be a difficult, emotional experience for a woman. You may be feeling scared, confused, and uncertain about how to move forward. One of the things you may be unsure about is how to approach the situation with your partner, especially if you’re thinking about terminating the pregnancy.

There are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind when you make a decision

Bringing up the possibility of abortion with your partner or informing them that you’ve already made that decision is often a tricky conversation, you are not required to get your partner’s consent before having an abortion or even notify them if you have or plan to have the procedure done.  Unplanned pregnancy and abortion are deeply personal topics that can be mentally and emotionally exhausting to discuss. 

The decision to have an abortion is ultimately yours and yours alone

You may already know this is your best option and intend to tell your partner what you have decided, rather than ask for their opinion. If this is the case, be direct and firm in your conversation. Explain how you’ve come to this decision and don’t feel guilty or pressured if your partner disagrees with you. 

On the other hand, you may be seeking your partner’s help in deciding if abortion is the best choice for both of you. In this case, talk openly about your concerns and what your lives would be like if you were to have a child right now. Let them know their opinion matters, but again remember that the final say remains with you. Although the decision to have an abortion is yours, understand that your partner will likely be experiencing strong emotions as well. 

If you’ve chosen to include them in the conversation, be prepared to empathize with how they’re feeling. Do your best to use language that doesn’t make them feel at fault and remember that they may need your support through this as well. Just like you, your partner deserves the space to react and process the situation. If you and your partner need help determining your options for unplanned pregnancy or abortion, there we can help you