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Dr Nomsa Women Clinic in Kempton park provides same day pregnancy termination


Our experienced nurses are here to offer you pain free safe Abortion and medical health care services.


We are committed in providing Reproductive health services and pain free abortion care.


In addition to pregnancy checks and exams, patients can receive walk-in pregnancy testing, HIV testing and counseling, 

Moreover, we provide services for teens, STD testing and treatment, and more.

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Women Clinic in Kempton park

At Legal Abortion clinic in Kempton park, gives you the option to choose between a medication abortion (also known as  abortion pills) and an in clinic abortion.


Further more, your choice may depend on how far along a pregnancy is and the time each method takes, and whether you prefer to be mainly at home or in the clinic. 

Abortion Clinic in Kempton park

Safe Medical abortion Procedures

Above all, many women who choose to terminate a pregnancy are doing so using the abortion pill. 


The Abortion pill is a drug that makes the uterus cramp and causes bleeding to expel the pregnancy and It can also taken at home, 


We offer the following services in Kempton park

Same Day Abortion Clinic in Kempton park

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Morning-after pill is a form of emergency contraception

The pill is a form of emergency abortion that prevents pregnancy after unprotected sex. 


Moreover, It’s safe and effective, though it shouldn’t be considered a go-to form of abortion (hence the term ‘emergency’).


Further more, another form of emergency abortion is the when you insert, also known as the loop. 


On the other hand, the morning-after pill is short-acting, while the loop, once inserted, is active for up to 10 years.

Abortion clinic

Reproductive Health Services

We focus on sexual and reproductive health (including Abortion


Secondly, our team of doctors, medical staff are trained and experienced in providing on time and high-quality care. 


Likewise, if you are not sure of your decision and would like to discuss your pregnancy options, we can help. 


So, call our Women’s Health Clinic and speak to our medical staff.

Legal Pregnancy termination

Safe Pregnancy Termination

Our private Women clinic offers early pregnancy termination, late abortions and womb cleaning. 


So, If you need to have a one in the comfort of your home then order our termination pills for a quick and pain free abortion. 


Uniquely, we provide both medical termination using abortions pills depending on the weeks of the pregnancy.

Pain free Abortion Procedures

Our Women clinic offers early abortion pregnancy termination, womb cleaning and Abortion Pills. 


Equally important we are the trusted Women Clinic in providing safe, and confidential Abortion care. 


The clinic is owned and staffed by Dr Nomsa an experienced Abortion Clinic provider.

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