Our Womens Centers

All our womens' centers offer dedicated help and support to women and young people requiring abortion treatments, family planning services at affordable prices.
We take all these things into consideration at Dr. Khumalo Women's Centers. Our services are affordable and offered in total privacy, so no one needs to know that you had an abortion or sought family planning options. Most importantly, we never judge or criticise,but support you every step of the way.

About Dr. Khumalo Womens' Abortion Clinics

Our highly skilled staff is trained to assist you through a safe, comfortable visit. We are confident that you will be comfortable and impressed with our talented staff. Our providers are dedicated to serving women's medical needs. Besides abortion, they offer a full range of obstetrical and gynecological services, With regard to abortion, emphasis is placed on safety, comfort, confidentiality and individualized care.In order to ensure your safety, physicians are licensed, board eligible and/or board certified obstetricians and gynecologists who are highly trained and have extensive experience performing abortions. This expertise minimizes the risks involved in an abortion. Their personal dedication to abortion services continues to ensure that women maintain the right and the opportunity to choose to have an abortion.

Established in 2006, Dr. Khumalo Women's Abortion Clinic sets out to impact the quality of life in South Africa by decreasing maternal and infant mortality, averting unsafe, illegal abortions, decreasing the number of unwanted pregnancies through contraceptive uptake, reducing the impact of HIV, STIs and cervical cancer and expanding our services whenever and wherever possible across the country.

In South Africa, we operate centres across all provinces and are recognised for the quality of our clinical services and our non-judgemental, client-friendly approach. The fees we charge for our services are low and affordable across our network, meaning centres are able to offer prices that best suit the communities they serve.

Our Values

We are passionately pro-choice. At Dr. Khumalo Women's Clinic pro-choice refers not only to reproductive freedom and the right to a safe abortion but also the choice of when and with whom to have sex, regardless of sexual orientation.

Our Services

At Dr. Khumalo Women's Clinic we offer a full-service package of sexual and reproductive health services and are regularly growing our service offering to remain up-to-date and able to meet women's evolving needs. Our broad services include:
What to avoid after the abortion


Avoid strenuous exercise for few days, it can make you bleed heavier, avoid putting anything in the vagina for 2-3 weeks this may include, not sitting in water,intercourse, swimming,(use a pad instead of a tampon), any of those things could bring bacteria into your vagina which enters the uterus, After medical abortion a new menstrual cycle begins, you should have a regular period in 4 to 8 weeks after the abortion.
The safest time to do Abortion


The safest time to complete an abortion is under 2-12 weeks of pregnancy. There are two non-surgical early abortion methods. Aspiration Abortion (Manual Vacuum Aspiration) with local anesthesia is the safest abortion method. Medical Abortion is also considered one of the safest abortion methods. Aspiration abortion and the Medical Abortion l can avoid or eliminate health risks of surgical abortion because these methods do not use sharp instruments, general sedation, or electric suction.


We believe that everyone should have the right to choose whether and when to have children, no matter where they live.